How to Choose a Garage Door Opener

Genesis makes it very easy to choose a quiet and reliable garage door. Our focus is the 80% of the residential garage door market. We offer the two best drive systems: chain drive and belt drive and we build our line with quiet, strong, reliable, and energy efficient DC drive motors. This system has fewer parts to fail and is a very simple system compared to the openers of yesterday. Solid state electronics and all the safety features to be ETL Listed and UL 325 Compliant.

DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON GARAGE DOOR OPENER COMPARISON GUIDES. Genesis doesn't think it should be so difficult to select the model that is right for you.

DC Motor vs. AC Motor

DC motors are quieter and feature fewer parts so that it is compact and lowers the possibility of something going wrong with the design. All Genesis openers are DC drive motors for the best and quietist operation. 1/2 Horsepower is more than enough for most residential garage doors and can sustain up to 400 pounds.

Screw Drive vs. Chain Drive vs. Belt Drive

Which One Should You Choose?

SCREW DRIVE/ OTHER: Genesis does not make a screw drive model because homeowners of the years would complain about dripping grease on cars and garage floors from the screw driven machines. Some would even freeze in the cold. Since the Genesis chain drive is quieter and smoother, we decided to stay with the two most popular models, the chain drive and the belt drive.

CHAIN DRIVE 725 MODEL: The chain drive model has been the most manufactured model in history because it is reliable and most standard model. They have always been priced right and provided years of dependable operation. The down side was they are also the louder model because of the AC motor. Genesis builds their chain drive with DC quiet power motors. The DC motor chain drives maintain the right price and are made to require low maintenance and quiet operation. Genesis gives you more value in an entry level garage door opener than any other brand.

BELT DRIVE 750/ 777 MODELS: Coming on in the early 90's, the belt drive has proven to be the quietest drive, PERIOD! Add in reliability and that is why it is the best out there. It does not require as much lubrication as a screw drive or a chain drive, making it require much less maintenance, operate quietly, and the best choice for your garage door. Genesis model 750 and 777 feature DC drive motors for the smoothest and quietist operation. The difference between the two models is the price, warranty, and features. The 750 is more of a standard belt drive model. The 777 model features an upgraded premium 3-function wall console and upgraded 3- button transmitters with a lifetime warranty.

Why Choose Genesis?

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