Genesis Specifications

Power: 1/2 HP*
Input Voltage: 120V 50/60 Hz
Current: .IA
Motor Type: 24V DC
Power Cord: 48 inch, 3-prong
ETL Listed to UL 325: Yes

Number of Bulbs: 1
Total Wattage: 100W
Delay duration: 4.5 minutes

Saftety & Features
Down safety reversal
Up saftety stop
Infra-red photo eyes
Emergency quick release
Pet/Ventillation opening
Soft-start & stop electronic learn limits
** Dual Frequency 303/390 Spring 2015
Radio Controls
Frequency: 303 MHz**
Coding System: 32 Bit Rolling Code
Operating range (tested): 200 feet
Code registers: 20
Standard remote control battery: 12V A23

725/750 Silver
2-2 Button Transmitters
2-3 Button Transmitters

Rail & Drive
Material: Steel
Type: (Professional Solid One Piece)
Drive: Full chain or glass fiber reinforced belt
Pretensioned at the factory
Lengths: for 7' door height, 8' & 10' optional

Headroom clearance required: 2 inches
Installed length (std. T-rail): 123.5 inches
Max door opening (std. 7ft):7'6"
Travel speed: 5.8 in/s
Limit setting: Electronic
Force setting: Electronic auto-learn

Shipping Dimensions
Power head: 24.5" xl 2" x 8" : 17 lbs
Std. 7' door. T-rail, chain: 123" x 3.2" xl 6 : 17 lbs
Std. 7' door. T-rail, belt: 123" x 3.2" xl 6 : 14 lbs
*Meets Genesis lifting force specifications for 1/2 HP garage door opener.
*For use on sectional garage doors
Meets all UL 325 Requirements







Strong and green! Our quiet 1/2 horse D.C. powered motor provides the power you need to lift even the heaviest residential garage doors by only pulling less than 1 AMP of power on standby mode and 3 AMPS of power during full operation!

Making this choice is a GREEN choice for today and tomorrow! This is a very big step forward compared to other residential openers still being made today that pull 4-6 AMPS.

Some may view it as a small step forward, we see it as a BIG, GREEN step forward to our future.